Types of Snoring Solutions Overview

There are many different types of snoring solutions available and it can be a bit overwhelming at first. I know because I’ve been in your position before.

Since that is the case, this article will teach you all about the different kinds of snoring solutions and get you pointed in the right direction so that you can find the best solution for your specific situation.

That being said, the main types of snoring solutions are mouthpieces, chin straps, pillows, CPAP systems, medications such as sprays and pills, surgery, and other solutions that do not fit into any of the categories just mentioned. Just to clarify, generally any snoring solution that does not fit into the categories above is pretty much useless, but you’ll see why soon enough.

Oral Options

oral-appliancesFirst things first, there are two different kinds of mouthpieces that can keep you from snoring.

The first kind is called a jaw retaining mouthpiece, which I also sometimes call a jaw holding mouthpiece. It is called this because of the way it works.

Jaw retaining mouthpieces prevent snoring by holding your jaw very slightly forward while you are sleeping. The general idea behind these devices is that snoring is caused mainly by gravity pulling your jaw towards your throat while you sleep.

This can happen and when it does your airway becomes constricted, meaning it is smaller than it should be. Imagine if your nostrils were only the size of the tip of a pen.

Breathing would be much more difficult. It would take more effort to inhale and there would also be quite a bit of pressure when you exhale. Needless to say, when this happens in your throat it is not a good thing.

The second kind of mouthpiece that is used as a snoring solution is called a tongue retaining mouthpiece or a tongue holding mouthpiece.

The general theory behind a tongue retaining mouthpiece is that the tongue, being the largest structure in your mouth, is the culprit that is making you snore. This can also happen.

Depending on factors such as your age, gender, muscle tone, and even body fat levels your tongue can easily fall towards your throat and become an obstruction in your airway.

Tongue retaining devices prevent this by holding your tongue forward and keeping it in that position. This is by far the most comfortable type of snoring solution available in my opinion. It is also one of the most effective.

Nine times out of ten, a tongue retaining mouthpiece will end up being someone’s preferred snoring solution. This device’s level of comfort and effectiveness can’t be beat.

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Strap Up!

snoring-chin-strapChin straps are one of the older types of snoring solutions and they are similar in function to a jaw retaining mouthpiece.

Chin straps were also based on the idea that the jaw is the primary cause of snoring. For some people this is true, but not everyone.

The anti-snoring chinstrap is a very simple device. Typically, it goes under your chin and around the back or top of your head. They are often made of nylon, neoprene, or similar materials.

With this kind of snoring solution the material used is mainly what dictates how comfortable the chinstrap is. While this solution can be effective for some people there are a number of problems to watch out for as well.

None of them are dangerous, but if the device fails to do its job then what’s the point? However, I will point out that chin straps can work magic for open mouth snorers.

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Miracle Pillows?

stop-snoring-pillowOne kind of snoring solution that has come and gone many times is the anti-snoring pillow.

With this kind of snoring solution the goal of the pillow is to position your head and body in such a way that your airway is kept open as much as possible and free of obstructions.

Basically, anti-snoring pillows just try to position everything perfectly. However, this idea is better in theory than it is in the real world.

There are a few anti-snoring pillows that seem to be mediocre in function, but for the most part they are a letdown.

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CPAPIf you have never had to experience sleeping with a full CPAP setup, then you are lucky. This is one system that does work, but users of it tend to be very unhappy with it.

CPAP stands for continuous positive airway pressure. This system was developed to treat sleep apnea, which is sometimes referred to as OSA.

Using a CPAP system to prevent snoring is a bit like buying a new car because you have a flat tire. It’s just overkill. However, for those afflicted with OSA sometimes there is no other choice.

These systems cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to several thousand dollars and sometimes that expense is not covered by insurance companies.

The CPAP works by actually pumping air into your lungs and essentially does your breathing for you. Like I said, it is a very effective solution for those who need it; however it is the center of many complaints.

Since it basically controls your breathing while you try to sleep this system is not ideal for anyone with anxiety or a lot of tension.

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Semi-Magical Pills

pills-spraysYes, there are medications on the market that are made to keep you from snoring. They may not be exactly what you are thinking of though.

These are not prescription medications that have been extensively studied, tested, and proven to be effective.

Anti-snoring medications are usually homeopathic remedies and come in the form of a spray or pill. These sprays and pills usually aim to either reduce inflammation, thin mucus, or both.

While both inflammation and mucus can cause snoring they are more likely to be factors that add to the problem as opposed to being the primary cause. Some of these sprays and pills do in fact do what they say.

The problem is that they do not address the main reasons most people snore. Solutions of this type can be useful if you are sick or you are snoring because of allergies. Beyond that, their usefulness is limited.

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Going Under the Knife

surgeryThere are a variety of different surgical procedures available that are intended to eliminate or reduce snoring. Some are more effective than others, but this mainly depends on your specific situation.

Surgical procedures like these are typically aimed at reducing the size of any structures in or around the airway that have been deemed too large. For the right person, surgery may be a good option.

Unfortunately, for most people surgeries to prevent snoring are expensive, painful, and may have side effects. Within the past few years new procedures have begun to develop, such as the Pillar procedure which is less invasive.

Surgeries of this nature tend to be a last resort for those with a serious problem, and for good reason. They do not come without risks.

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Nasal Products

nasal-devicesNasal snoring solutions are a very hit or miss thing. There is a variety of nasal devices available ranging from adhesive strips to insert-able nasal cones.

They can help people who snore because of nasal obstructions, but if you do not fit into this category then you are out of luck. The only other real use for nasal products is when you are sick.

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Can I Get Snake Oil With That?

magicWith the growth of the Internet in recent years it has become easier and easier for people to sell just about anything they want.

While this has led to an abundance of quality products and solutions to problems, it has also led to more scams and junk products. The good news is that they are easy to spot.

Things like anti-snoring watches and anti-snoring rings are some of the most frequently seen solutions that fall into this category. If a snoring solution cannot be proven to work then chances are it doesn’t.

Solutions in this category fail to provide proof that they do in fact work. Many of them make miraculous claims and provide intricate theories about how they work but the sad truth is that they often do not work at all. I recommend avoiding any snoring solution that falls into this category.

My Perspective

There are many kinds of snoring solutions available. To find the one that’s right for you, start by looking at types of solutions that have been proven to work consistently and find one that sounds appealing to you.Once you have chosen a type of snoring solution then you need to look at specific devices within that category. Even within the types of solutions that have been proven to work specific devices and products vary greatly in price, comfort, and effectiveness.

However, to find the solution that’s right for you all you really have to do is read over the reviews here on the site. I’ll tell you all about each solution. I do my best to answer all of your questions, including the biggest question of all, does it really work?

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend checking out a tongue retaining mouthpiece. Most people are very happy with them and you can find out why in my reviews. You’re already one step closer to finding the snoring solution that’s right for you. Now do yourself a favor and take the next step by checking out my reviews.


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