Silence Anti-Snoring Spray Review

Product details:

Type: Homeopatic Spray
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $38.90
Money back: No
Company name: Omega Pharma NV
Business address: Industrial Zoning De Prijkels Venecoweg 26 9810 Nazareth Belgium
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

Silence is a throat spray that was made to keep you from snoring. However, this spray is not like its competitors. If you would give it a try you would be able to tell right away. I’ll get to that in a moment though. First you need to know how it works.

What It Does

This isn’t your typical anti-inflammatory throat spray. In fact, it has nothing to do with inflammation at all. This spray is supposed to work by coating your throat.

This is what I was talking about when I mentioned you would be able to tell the difference if you tried it. The theory is that by coating your throat that your throat tissue will be more stable and less likely to vibrate. If these tissues can’t vibrate then you probably won’t snore.

I have to tell you, I have a problem with the theory behind this product. Snoring is caused by obstructions in your airway or inflammation of throat tissue. This product does not do anything for either of those issues.

In fact, it does the opposite. The coating would have to take up some space in your throat. That means it is basically making your airway smaller while attempting to stiffen it. I agree with stiffening it, but making the airway smaller is never a good idea.

Background Check

There is very little clinical evidence to support this spray. The makers of it only showed the results of one test. The test compared it to nasal strips.

The only thing that was measured was snoring volume. Silence did help to quiet snoring, but that does not necessarily mean it kept anyone from snoring.

Silence is made by the Belgian pharmaceutical company Omega Pharma. Since they are not based in the U.S. the Better Business Bureau does not keep track of them. Unfortunately this product does not come with any kind of guarantee or refund policy.


The main benefit of this solution is that it is very simple to use. You just spray it on the back of your throat and swallow. Once you do this it coats your throat and then you’re ready to go.

The other big benefit of this solution is that it helps to keep you from snoring so loud, whether it prevents you from snoring or not. If you can’t fix the problem then I guess this is the next best thing.

Real World Use

Silence is about average in the results department. However, from the description given by the company and the product information it doesn’t look like this product is supposed to prevent snoring. It was only made to reduce the volume of your snoring. It has had decent results in this area, but I haven’t met someone yet who has actually stopped snoring because of this solution.


This spray is not a snoring solution. It will not prevent snoring because apparently it was not made to. It was only made to help quiet down your snoring. That being said, it does seem to keep the volume down.

If you aren’t concerned about finding an actual solution and you just want something to get your partner off your back about snoring so loud, then this might be an option. If you want a real solution I suggest you look at your other choices. Most of the time a mouthpiece is the best way to go.