SnoreZip Review

Product details:

Type: Oral Spray
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: $44.95
Money back: No
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

So you think that SnoreZip might be the right snoring solution for you? Well, you’ll know for sure by the time you’re done reading here. This solution may seem a little trickier than most so pay close attention to what I have here for you. Now, let’s get down to business.

An Oral Spray?

That’s right; this snoring solution is an oral spray. How could an oral spray ever possibly keep you from snoring? I’m glad you asked! If you are like most people, snoring solutions like this won’t do a thing for you other than make your wallet a little lighter.

When I say like most people, what I mean is that most people have a physical cause behind their snoring, like their jaw position, tongue position, or maybe a lack of facial and throat muscle tone. This spray does help to work against one cause of snoring, but it isn’t one that is very common, especially if you are a regular snorer.

What It Does

This all-natural snoring remedy was created to thin and loosen mucus. While mucus has been known to cause snoring, this is more of a short-lived seasonal thing. It is often caused by allergies, weather changes, sinus problems, or a cold. I have never met a single person that snores regularly and does so because of mucus. However, I can attest to the fact that mucus can make your snoring worse if you are already snoring for some other reason.

Since this spray is meant for your mouth and not your nose, all you have to do is spray a little bit of it under your tongue. It really is that simple. For the record though, please be sure of what kind of spray you’re using if you do ever purchase an anti-snoring spray for some reason. Some are for your nose and some are for your mouth. You do not want to get these two mixed up, just take my word for it.

The label on this product doesn’t reveal the exact ingredients that are supposed to work miracles for you. Unfortunately this is pretty common among all-natural health products. In my opinion this is not a good thing, but what can you really do about it?

Quality Check

The company behind SnoreZip is a little hard to find information on. They have no record with the Better Business Bureau that I’ve been able to find, but they have been around for ten years or so.

The good thing about not finding anything in the BBB database is that there haven’t been any complaints filed about them. That’s always a plus, but it’s still not enough for me to give this company a thumbs up.

Final Opinion

This snoring solution may help some people, but it is definitely not for regular snorers. If you snore regularly then this product is not for you. I wish I had something better to say about this spray, but that’s just all there is to it.

Chances are that you found this site because you are a regular snorer, so check out my other reviews. There are a variety of better snoring solutions out there for you that are made to help regular snorers.