SnoreRx Review

Product details:

Type: Micro-adjustable jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: Yes
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: 1 - $89.10* 2 - $69.30* (per item for Family pack) (*by using the promo code SNORENET10)
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: Apnea Sciences Corporation
Business address: 27071 Cabot Road Building #118 Laguna Hills, CA 92653 United States
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

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This is one of the best jaw retaining mouthpieces on the market in my opinion.

The SnoreRx is more than deserving of its own review here on the site. That being said let me give you all the details about this solution so that you can decide if it’s right for you.

What It Does

The SnoreRx is a jaw retaining device as mentioned above. If you snore because of your jaw then this is one of your best options.

If you are not a jaw snorer then don’t waste any more time here, go check out a solution that is right for your kind of snoring.

Top Features

What goes in your mouth, comes with its own built in measurement tool, and feels great once it’s in?

That’s right, the SnoreRx mouthpiece! You probably already know that when you’re looking for a jaw retaining snoring solution, adjustment is the most important feature to look for.

This mouthpiece takes it one step further by not only giving you the ability to micro-adjust it, but it also gives you a way to keep track of exactly how much you have adjusted the device.

There is a built in measurement device that makes it very easy to see how much adjustment you have left in either direction. This also makes it very easy to find your setting again in the event that it gets knocked loose during travel or something like that.

If those two features weren’t enough for you, this device also has a built in locking mechanism.

Some other mouthpieces that have an adjustment feature are always moving around. That doesn’t happen with the SnoreRx. Once you have it adjusted to the perfect position, just lock it and you can be sure it will fit perfectly the next time you put it in.

The lock on this mouthpiece is the perfect addition to the micro-adjustment and measurement features. As far as I’m concerned, the SnoreRx has the best design of any jaw retaining mouthpiece out there today.

Comfort And Safety

So this device has great features, so what? What do those features really mean for you?

They mean three big things actually, increased safety, increased effectiveness, and increased comfort. I’m assuming all three of these are important to you, otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this right now.

I’ll skip the detailed anatomy lesson and keep things simple. The better a jaw retaining device fits the safer and more comfortable it is.

More room for adjustment with one of these devices makes it even safer still and more effective.

All of the features you just learned about in the section above make the SnoreRx easier to fit and customize than other mouthpieces like it.

Clinical Data And Company Background

This solution is based on a design that has worked for years to reduce snoring. The difference is that they made a lot of improvements over the typical design of a device like this.

I have not been able to find much clinical data about this mouthpiece specifically, but what I have heard from others is right in line with my opinion. If you snore because of your jaw, this device is one of the best options for you by far.

It is a lot more comfortable because of how much you can customize it and the design is worthy of more praise than I can give it.

The SnoreRx is made in the USA by Apnea Sciences Corporation. Apnea Sciences Corporation is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, but they had an A- rating the last time I checked.

Any kind of A rating is excellent for a company in the health and wellness industry. This mouthpiece has also been cleared by the FDA, so if you had any doubts about it that should clear things up for you.

Anti-snoring devices that have been cleared by the FDA are few and far between. If you really want to try it, but you just aren’t 100% sure if it’s for you or not, there is a 30 day money back guarantee.

Where To Buy

If you think that the SnoreRx is the right snoring solution for you, I suggest ordering it from the official product website.

This device is not the most expensive one on the market, but it certainly isn’t the cheapest. That is the only hang up some people have with it.

The regular price is $99 for 1 mouthpiece, $154 for 2, and $199 for 3. When you consider what you’re really getting then the price doesn’t seem bad at all.

If you are a jaw snorer and you can handle the cost then this is a great investment for you.

You can get a 10% discount by using coupon code SNORENET10.

Final Word

The SnoreRx is the best jaw retaining mouthpiece available in my opinion and I think this device will continue to be the best for quite a while.

The design is incredible, the makers of it really did think of everything. Between the micro-adjustment, measuring unit, and locking mechanism I’ve never seen a better solution for jaw snorers.

If you have the budget for it, this device is even better than Vitalsleep. The higher price tag does come with some excellent extra features though, so choose wisely.

Jaw snorers, if you want the best of the best then the SnoreRx is for you.

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