SnoreMender Review

Product details:

Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $57
Money back: Yes, 90 days
Company name: Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd
Business address: 12 Station Road Eckington Sheffield S21 4FX United Kingdom
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The SnoreMender PS is a new and improved version of the original SnoreMender mouthpiece. There are some differences between this device and the original and you will learn all about those here.

However, the million dollar question is whether or not the SnoreMender PS is better than the original. Keep on reading to find out.

How This Solution Works

The SnoreMender PS is a one piece jaw retaining device. It works by simply pulling your jaw slightly forward. This type of solution has been around for quite a while and there are many variations of it.

One piece designs like this one tend to be the easiest to use, especially when you compare them to a more advanced two piece device with micro adjustment, a locking mechanism, and all the other state of the art stuff.

Anyway, by keeping your jaw pulled forward, your jaw can’t put any pressure on your airway. This prevents airway constriction if you are a jaw snorer, but the keyword there is if.

The New

The changes that were made to this device are unique, but they are actually unrelated to how well this solution works. The PS part of the name stands for pressure shift. The makers of this mouthpiece redesigned it in such a way that there is now less pressure on your front teeth and more pressure on your back teeth.

So what does that mean for you? Well, not much as far as snoring goes. The new PS version may be more comfortable for some people, but whether you are one of those people or not, I can’t say.

The Good

Just a minute ago I told you that this device has a one piece design. It is just one solid piece and that’s it. The good thing about the way it’s made is that the back of this mouthpiece is made to flex. So, let’s say you have this mouthpiece in and you want a drink of water. Instead of getting up and taking it out then putting it back in when you’re done with your drink, you can leave it in and just take a drink. One piece designs are convenient, but we’ll discuss this more in a minute.

The other feature I do like about this device is that it comes in different “strengths.” In addition to the standard version, there is also a softer version and a firmer version. This gives you some extra flexibility when deciding what to buy, but it doesn’t do you much good once you already have the mouthpiece.

The Bad

This device is very basic. It lacks the modern features of higher quality jaw retaining devices that increase effectiveness and keep you safe from long term side effects.

If you take a look on the product website you may notice that they claim this mouthpiece is adjustable. Technically, by their definition it is. However, from my point of view the ability to mold a mouthpiece is not my idea of adjustment. Molding the device for a custom fit is a standard process for many other mouthpieces.

The Comfort Factor

Typically the SnoreMender was known to be one of the least comfortable jaw retaining mouthpieces on the market. The old version caused serious irritation for a lot of people and it usually lasted longer than irritation from comparable mouthpieces. This may change now, but personally I won’t be getting in line to find out.

Most of the discomfort people experienced with the original probably could have been prevented by some sort of adjustment feature, but the new PS version doesn’t offer much adjustment either, just molding.

Company Info

As with the original, the SnoreMender PS is made by a U.K. based company called Sleep Well Enjoy Life Ltd. The Better Business Bureau does not keep records in all countries and the U.K. isn’t one of them. I’m sure they have something similar, but either way they don’t have a record with the BBB.


This isn’t a terrible snoring solution; there are definitely worse options out there. However, I can’t recommend this one to you. If something about it really jumped out at you and you really want to give it a try then go ahead.

I just can’t make a case for recommending it when there are a number of more effective options available. The SnoreMender PS should be better than the original in terms of comfort, but I won’t tell you to expect anything more than that.

So, if you think this device might be right for you, go for it, but if you are unsure it’s probably better to err on the side of caution and check out your other options.