SnoreMeds Review

Product details:

Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: $33.95
Money back: Yes, 30 days
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

My wife has been yelling at me for the longest time about my snoring and how it drives her crazy. For the first few years of marriage she never mentioned anything, and that’s probably because I did not snore. I was skinnier then. However, after a few years of awesome cooking, I started adding on the pounds. I can’t prove that my weight is the culprit, but whatever it is, I snore. And we both want that to end.

Honestly, I never knew that I snored. Even today I do not know it first-hand. But I believe it because my wife is adamant about it. She would often make a sudden noise during the night, or yell at me to quiet down, and for whatever reason that helped.

But a few minutes later I would start up again. After a while I got myself checked out. The long and short of it all is that I had a dentist create an appliance for me. It took me a long time to get used to it, and in fact I still have some trouble with it today. Which is why, lately I began considering a cheaper version that perhaps would work better for me.

I searched around and decided to start with SnoreMeds. The company owners are Hall-Jones and Philippa Logan. They started selling their product locally in 2006 and introduced it globally in 2008. In 1994 these two women formed a digital design solutions company called Trio Interactive.

That company was the springboard for SnoreMeds, which currently operates as a subsidiary of Trio Interactive. They are located in South Africa, with branches and distributors in several countries around the world.

They seem to be a reputable company with a large distribution; not some knockoff created in China with questionable materials. And their price point is very impressive. Also, I liked the 45-day trial period they offer.

Most companies only offer 30 days, so it’s a nice perk. To me, it seemed like they were saying, hey, we are so sure that our product will work that we are giving you even more time to test out. Good marketing.

Before I made the purchase I did a little more snooping around and will bullet point my comments below. The site states that their product is “FDA cleared thermoplastic, BPA and latex free”.

  • “FDA Cleared” means that such products are substantially equivalent to those found on the market. This assures that the product is safe to use and that it works. I should point out that “FDA cleared thermoplastic” indicates that the materials used to produce the MAD are recommended by the FDA, not the product. This may indicate that the FDA never cleared SnoreMeds as a working product. Rather, the material used is substantially equivalent to other types of oral appliances, and therefore safe to keep in your mouth. Also, according to what I read, there haven’t been any clinical studies performed on this product.
  • Bisphenol A is an industrial chemical used in the making of certain plastics and resins. Although the FDA considers it safe, it is not without controversy. Considering that the device will be in my mouth all night, it’s nice to know that it is BPA free.
  • For those with latex allergies, no need to worry.

A few more bullet points:

  • They recommend changing the product every 3-4 months, although the manufactured life span is 1 year (more on that in the pros & cons section below).
  • This product is not suitable for denture wearers.
  • This product is not suitable for those with sore gums.
  • This product is not suitable for children under the age of 18.
  • They are not BBB Accredited.

April 12th 2016

Checking out their website, I show that they carry six products. In truth they sell one product and one product only, but it’s nice marketing on their part. It is good marketing on their part, I think, because you need variety in the big leagues. The one differentiation point between the products they sell is that one type is a little bigger and one is a bit smaller. In their words

“There’s the original size, that fits most mouths and a smaller size for women. In either case, you would custom-mold the SnoreMeds mouthpiece to your mouth so that it’s the perfect fit”

This picture is from their website, highlighting the size difference.

Anyone can use either size. Since you will be fitting it to your mouth through the boil-and-bite technique, both should work, assuming your mouth is not too large or small. However, getting the right size helps.

After that, all products are the same. You can purchase a men’s pack as a single, double, or value pack of four. The same goes for the smaller size.


As this was my first time testing the product, it only made sense to opt for the single pack. They sell them for $40.95 a pop, which is an impressive price point. Shipping and handling is an additional $7.84, which brings the total to $48.79.

I should mention that if you have used SnoreMeds and you like the product, then purchasing in bulk is the better choice. A double pack sells for $59.95, totaling at $67.79.

By comparison, if you purchased two single pieces, it would set you back $81.90 for the two pieces, plus $7.84 per product in shipping costs, totaling at $97.58. So the double pack saves you $29.79.

If you are committed to SnoreMeds for the long term, definitely go for the Value Pack. The price here is $88.95. As of this writing, their website states that shipping is free for Value packs until May 31st.

Regardless, purchasing four single packs or two double packs costs significantly more money than a value pack of four. Note that it’s the same for the single, double and value packs for women.

Also note that the $7.84 cost of shipping is the same anywhere in the U.S.A. The Global Mail Post charge is $8.50, worldwide. I opted for the single pack as this was my first try. I wanted to be satisfied with the product before ordering in bulk.


When ordering there was an option to create an account or to check out as guest. Without having experienced the product yet, I ordered as guest.

There is a place to apply a gift certificate or a coupon code when ordering. I Googling around and visited the popular sites such as and similar. No success there. Any discount for a single pack I found brought me back to their website where the product is sold for $40.95 before shipping.

The $49.95 original pricing is marketing 101, not a discount. So when I read that I am saving 9 bucks by clicking on a link that brings me back to their site…whatever. I did find things like free shipping on a double pack, but I wanted the single pack. No luck there.

I put the purchase through. $40.95 + $7.84 totaling $48.79.

I show that shipping is through USPS First-Class Mail. Parcel + Delivery Confirmation means that I am looking forward to some emails confirming the shipping process.

I must make a point of mentioning that the final price point is quite attractive. Checking out the prices of the similar products, shows that they really beat the competition.

Big names like ZQuiet sells for $79.95, Good Morning Snore Solution sells at $99.94, VitalSleep costs $59.95, to name a few.

And that’s not including shipping costs. Thus, a $40.95 pre-ship price point would probably be their biggest selling point.

I used an AMEX to seal the deal. That’s always smart for added protection. Credit cards generally offer protection, but AMEX is second to none in servicing their client base.

Just in case the product comes damaged and they refuse to refund it or if they won’t honor their money-back guarantee, I have what to fall back on.

I should highlight something that I do not like. I had no way of reaching the company by phone.

No number to be found on their website, and Googling around didn’t help.

True, they offer a “click here to chat” but that is not the same as reaching someone by phone.

ZQuiet has a phone number on their site.

Good Morning Snore Solution has one.

SnoreRX does, to name a few.

I wanted to ask them a few things but I couldn’t. From a marketing perspective, a phone number on a website is an assuring and professional way to do business. So that’s a minus in my book.

They do however offer a “click here to chat” service.

Yet, every time I clicked there, I received the same message “We’re not around, but we’d love to chat another time”.

I understand that all messages go to someone’s inbox and that they do respond, however, “click here to chat” indicates that someone is manning the chat box during regular business hours.

And in my experience I found that not to be the case.

I do like the 45-day return policy.

Most other companies offer a 30-day return policy.  It makes them look very secure about their product, so nicely done.

Note that the cost of shipping will not be refunded. So if you end up returning the product, not only will you need to pay to get the product there, you won’t see your $7.84 (or $8.50) back on your credit card.

Also note that the 45-day return only applies to single packs. Don’t ask me why. If you purchase a double pack or a value pack, there is no way out. (Which is where AMEX’s return protection for 90 days comes in handy if you don’t like the product).

I’m guessing that they want to offer the money back offer, which is kind of a must in the industry. But they also want to limit their liability. So they offer it in the least expensive fashion possible and can market their products as refundable. That’s my guess, but of course they may be other considerations.

I had the option of un-clicking the “I’d like to receive your newsletter” and “I’d like to receive special offers”.

Those came clicked and I left it that way to see if I would receive a million annoying marketing/sales emails which making me want to unsubscribe.

I am happy to report that they did not abuse this service. In fact, so far I have only received emails that relate to my purchase.

I did receive a request to leave feedback in exchange for a 5% off coupon on my next purchase. I also received an email informing me that I received enough points for a reward, but these are purchase related emails.

More on that later.

See the screen shot of my order below. Once the order was completed I received this message:

We’ve received your order and will begin processing it right away. For your records, an email confirmation has been sent to *****. It contains details of the items you purchased and also a tracking number (if applicable).

I received two email confirmations. One was from, a payment processor. The other confirmation came from [email protected]

About a minute after receiving the email confirmations, I received another email from [email protected] with a link to create a password to their online store so I could check the status of my order and for quicker check-out in the future. I did that.

I liked this suggestion: “If you have any questions regarding your account, click ‘Reply’ in your email client and we’ll be only too happy to help.” Much better than a no-reply email address, assuming they actually respond…which they do.

Now I began to receive a whole bunch of emails. I consider this to be a slight drawback. Not terrible, but a little overwhelming.  After the email to create a password, I received another one stating that my subscription to their newsletter had been confirmed. A couple minutes later I received the same email once again. I don’t know why I needed two “subscription confirmed” emails, but it could have been a glitch. (If not, I don’t know what the purpose of that would be).

Two minutes later another email arrived. It informed me that my order status had changed. Now, my order was awaiting shipment.

About 20 minutes later I received their Loyalty Program email. It read:

“Thank you for shopping at SnoreMeds Online Store. Our SnoreMeds Loyalty Program is a benefit for every registered customer. For each $1 spent (excluding tax, shipping, and handling), you can earn 10 points”.

That’s nice. Clicking on the “reward redemption page” link, I saw that I accrued 100 points.

Those were earned for opening an account with SnoreMeds. Having spent $40.95 (not including shipping) I should have accrued another 400 points, totaling 500.

Checking my rewards, I show that I actually have 510 points. 100 points for signing up and 410 points for the purchase (They rounded up the 95 cents from $40.95 to $41 for a total of 410 points).

500 points gives me $10 off of my next purchase. Which means that after the first purchase I automatically receive a $10 discount going forward. And they offer $20 off for 850 snoring points.

Ordering my next SnoreMeds piece for 30 bucks plus tax is very attractive.

The emails continue. Later that afternoon SnoreMeds emailed me the following:


We thought you’d like to know that your order has been sent to our warehouse.  Thanks for shopping with us, and we hope to see you again soon”.

The next morning, on April 13th, 8:34 am I received an email that the order had shipped:

27 minutes later I received the same email once again. This is the second time this has happened. Seems like the bug is still active, but no big deal. (Or they really really want me to be aware of certain things…although not my favorite way of catching one’s attention…).

35 minutes later I received an “order status changed” email update. It included a USPS tracking number.

Email overkill, but I am happy that they are on top of their game.

Details about returning the product

While waiting for my order to arrive, I got to worrying that they might not stand behind their 45-day money back guarantee should it become necessary for me to return the product. My reason was because they stress that it must be returned in the original packaging. Does that mean that the product cannot have been opened, or only that it must be returned the same way it arrived? I decided to shoot them out a quick email.

At 2:57 PM on 4/13/16 I emailed [email protected] this:

Hi, Thanks for the confirmation that my order has been shipped. I just have a question. I understood that there is a 45-day return policy, which is helpful because this is the first time I am purchasing an anti-snoring device and I want to have a chance to make sure that it works well. I hope that it will work well, and I read nice things about this product, but I wanted the back up. Now I read this on your shipping & returns page:  Our customers have 45 days to return their Single packs in the original packaging. Does this mean that once I open the package, that it is not returnable? How exactly does the 45-day return policy work? Thank you.

I did not receive a response that day or the next so I contacted them through the “click here to chat” feature on their site. (Again, upset that no one is actually ever manning the chat session in real time, but not a major deal. Also a phone number would be great). I copied the same email and added a few words.

Late that night I received a nice email stating:

Thank you for your enquiry about our return policy, you will be able to try the product and if you do not find it suitable we will gladly refund you once you have sent the product back in the original box”.

Great. On April 15th I received an email notifying me that the item was delivered. There was a link to USPS and to Shipwire. The box arrived in time.

Summary of the ordering phase

Their website is clean and easy on the eyes. The ordering process was straightforward and smooth and they informed me of everything, every step of the way.

And of course the price point is their biggest selling point.

What stands out to me as drawbacks are

  • Lack of “real time” communication. They do not offer a phone number and the “click here to chat” didn’t operate in real time.
  • A little heavy on the emails and a few doubles.

Overall, I have no complaints and consider the ordering and delivery process to be very good.


snoremeds-package-containsAs you can see in the picture, the single pack doesn’t come with much.

You get the anti-snoring device with a plastic container.

You receive a spatula that gets inserted into the snoring piece during the forming phase and some basic instructions.

That’s all you need.

And at this price point I wasn’t looking for all the bells and whistles. Having said that, I will admit to feeling a twinge of deflated optimism upon viewing the product.

It is very simple. It comes with no kind of adjustable feature whatsoever.

No cranking into position.

It is a simple block of hypoallergenic thermoplastic. There are two air holes (which is where the spatula gets inserted during the molding process).

Some other anti-snoring devices fold over, creating a wide opening without the need for small air holes. I like that because it allows more air in during sleep.

On the flip side, I will say that something about the simplistic structure was appealing to me. It is very light weight, and compared to the one I received from my dentist, you barely feel the thing in your mouth! Bottom line, if it works that’s all I need.


Following the instructions, I removed all of the content from the box and laid them out on the table. I filled a kettle of water and brought it to a boil.


The appliance up close before submersion

I poured the bubbling hot water into a glass bowl deep enough to submerge the entire mouthpiece and I had a glass of cold water at hand. I placed a mirror nearby to help me in the forming of the application when inserted in my mouth and a watch to measure the seconds.

Ready to roll.

Check out the picture of the appliance up close before submersion.

Notice how the blue spatula is inserted into the holes in the mouthpiece.

And a picture of the appliance after it was removed from the hot water.

The SnoreMeds after it was removed from the hot water

The SnoreMeds device after it was removed from the hot water

I poured the hot water into a glass bowl and inserted the mouthpiece into the boiling water for 18 seconds.

When I brought it out, the mouthpiece appeared clear and the plastic was soft and pliable.

Here is what the appliance looks like once removed from the hot water.

Before sinking my teeth into that warm piece of plastic, I made sure that the device was the right way up.

Check out at the picture of the device up-close. Notice how the edge of the mouthpiece dips down.

That’s the top and it should be facing upward when inserted in the mouth.

Here is a picture of the finished product. While holding the mouthpiece with the spatula, I positioned the device onto my lower jaw. Then I brought down my upper jaw, creating the mold.

I moved my lower jaw forward just a little bit (the instructions say 3-5mm). This is important because it creates space for your jaw to jut out, allowing more room in the back of the throat.

Then, I used my finger to press against the outside of the mouthpiece, all around. And while doing so, I used my tongue to push against the back of the mouthpiece inside my mouth.

I then removed the newly shaped anti-snoring devices and dunked it into a cup of cold water.

First night’s wearing – April 16th

I popped it in and tried to fall asleep. I did feel the limited intake of air right away. It did not bother me too much, but I prefer my other MAD because it does not impede the air flow. This one block of thermoplastic blocks the entire entranceway, which is why those air holes are vital.

They work, but I miss the extra air flow. I loved how light it was in the mouth, and it seemed to fit, however, it did not stay in my mouth throughout the night.

When I awoke, it was on my pillow. My thoughts were that I should have bit down harder when creating the mold. So what was I to do now? I checked to see if I could do a remold.

Checking the FAQs section of their site, I read this:

 If you find that after the first night that you still snore, then re-mould the mouthpiece with your jaw slightly more forward.  It should stop you from snoring from the first night.

Meaning, the product could be remolded again. I got everything together once again. The device, the spatula, boiling water, cold water, a mirror and a watch.

I inserted the spatula into the air holes and dropped it into the hot water. I removed it and bit down following the same procedure as before.

The device looked nice and clear like the first time around.

The device looked nice and clear like the first time around.

This time when I attempted to pull the device out of the hot water, it became loose from the spatula.

I fished it out and wiggled the spatula in, and popped it into my mouth, but I made a mistake.

I pulled out the spatula while it was in my mouth (perhaps because it felt loose). I then realized that the spatula serves more than one purpose.

Aside from acting as a handle, it prevents the air-holes from closing while biting down.

When I removed the spatula, the air holes had closed from the force of my bite.

I immediately reinserted the spatula into the holes, wedging them in with force until they protruded through to the other side.

The final result of remolding

The final result of remolding

I quickly re-submerged the MAD into the hot water, removing it to find it clear once again.

Then, I followed the same process as the first time around, only this time keeping the spatula in place.

I got a really firm bite. It formed much better than the first time.

And it fit better.

In fact, the air holes were a little larger than before because of how I wedged in the spatula, which I liked.

Molding the mouthpiece. Notice that the spatula falls out in the hot water:

Review of the remolding process

Here is a picture of how the device looked after it came out.

Nice and clear like the first time around. I got a really firm bite.

And see the picture of the final result up close. The mold is well formed.

Over the next two weeks

April 17th I kept the MAD in my mouth the whole night. If felt good. Now that the air holes were a bit larger, the breathing was better, (although I still prefer a MAD with a wide opening in the middle).

Now the fit was snugger, and most importantly, my spouse reported that she did not wake up from my snoring.

But it was downhill from there. April 18th I awoke without the device in my mouth. And on April 19th it happened again. I wore the MAD for over two weeks, and more often than not I woke up to find the product on my bed or on the floor.

Every few mornings I found that it had remained it in my mouth, but on most mornings it wasn’t there.

I had created a solid fit.

Would some other mechanism have helped it stay in place?

It comes with no adjustment element, it doesn’t have springs, and it definitely is not a hybrid (MAD + TSD like SleepTight).

Could it use a bit more?

It could also be due to the limited airflow.

Two holes are enough to keep the appliance in my mouth, but I may be throwing it off inadvertently because my body wants more air. Many anti-snoring products come with an upper and lower element, leaving plenty of open space in the middle.

Aside for better breathing, perhaps it helps reduces the throwing-it-out-of-my-mouth-while-asleep reflex.

The bottom line for me is that the product did not stay in place. I know that there are many snorers who use this appliance with positive results. I was not one of them.

SnoreMeds writes:

The custom fitted SnoreMeds™ anti-snoring mouthpieces have proved to be successful with 85% of snoring sufferers. Perhaps I am part of the 15%….


On May 4th, I emailed the company asking for a refund as I was within the 45-day period. No response. On May 5th I copied the email and sent a similar message through their “click here to chat” feature.

May 6th I received an email from them stating that they will not make me to return the product and they would refund me as per their website’s terms.

A few minutes later I received another email informing me that a credit/refund was being issued in the amount of $40.95.

That is, for the cost of the product excluding shipping ($7.84), as per their policy.

Very impressive. I did not have to spend money to ship the product back. It eliminated the hassle as well.

And it expedited the refund. Overall, the return process was excellent and beyond the call of duty.

Another point worth mentioning. Some companies send out annoying marketing/sales emails, so I was watching for what SnoreMeds would do.

I had the option of un-clicking the “I’d like to receive your newsletter” and “I’d like to receive special offers” when I made the purchase, but I left those boxes checked off.

They were not annoying in the slightest bit. Obviously I received emails pertaining to the purchase and the return. I did receive an email to rate their service and I did receive email reminders advising me to complete my purchase, but I consider those to be part of the sales process.

I believe that many companies abuse email correspondence with annoying and non-stop emails. SnoreMeds does not.


I summary, I will list the pros and cons of the service and product, with my final thoughts.



  • Nice
  • Easy
  • Smooth Delivery.
  • Decent communication.
  • Quick ship
  • Great return policy.
  • Great experience getting refunded.


  • No phone number.
  • The “click here to chat” was never in real time.
  • A bit heavy on the emails. A few doubles.


Impressive service and well done. Could use a bit more transparency and communicativeness, but overall very pleased.



  • Well-built product.
  • The boil & bite process is rather simple.
  • Available in two sizes.
  • One-piece simplistic design.
  • Comfortable to wear.
  • Lightweight and not annoying.
  • It helps against snoring.
  • The price point is low, especially for the value pack.
  • FDA cleared thermoplastic, BPA and latex free


  • I had a hard time keeping the MAD in my mouth.
  • I prefer more breathing space than two holes.
  • Not suitable for denture wearers, children under 18, and they are not BBB Accredited.
  • You need to figure out how far forward to move your lower jaw during the boil & bite process. It is easy to position too close or too far and the MAD isn’t adjustable. You can remold, but only a limited number of times.
  • The lifespan is short. The manufactured life-span is 1 year. They recommend changing the mouthpiece 3 or 4 times a year. If followed, it makes the long-term cost very expensive. In their words: Manufactured life span per mouthpiece is 1 year, however we highly recommend that you change the mouthpiece every 3-4 months for the hygiene and safety of your teeth and gums”.

There is a lot to like about this simplistic and well-priced MAD. If it works for you, go for it.

Personally, I cannot recommend this device based on my experience. I do think that it is worth giving it a shot, as it may work for you. If it does, you will have saved money on a simplistic piece that gets the job done.

The price of this device is probably the biggest benefit.

You should look for a higher quality solution unless your main concern is the price.