Snore Guard Review

Product details:

Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: $59.90 + S&P
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: Ranir LLC
Business address: 4701 E PARIS AV SE GRAND RAPIDS MI 49512 United States
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The Snore Guard is available is several countries and it is a little bit different from other solutions of the same type. There is also one specific fact that you may find interesting. You’ll see what I mean soon.

Type of Solution

This is another jaw retaining mouthpiece.  All this mouthpiece does is moving your jaw forward slightly while you are sleeping. However, the design of the Snore Guard is a little different from most other jaw retaining devices.

This mouthpiece actually gives your lower jaw a bit of a push from the back side of your teeth on your lower jaw while the fitted part goes over your upper set of teeth. This doesn’t really make any significant differences in terms of comfort or effectiveness as far as I can tell.

Background Check

The company website claims that this mouthpiece reduces snoring in up to 99% of users. That may sound great at first but think about that statement for a moment. It’s very open to interpretation. It may be a true statement, but it is not a solid one.

The identity of the parent company behind this device is not clear. That makes it very difficult to check their record with the Better Business Bureau or anyone else for that matter.

Normally this would be a sign to turn and run the other way with your money. If a company doesn’t have their name on something there’s usually a reason for it.

Noteworthy Differences

For some reason, this device is available by prescription only in the United States. However, that seems like more of a marketing gimmick than anything to me.

If all you have to do is ask your dentist to get the prescription, then what’s the point of the prescription in the first place? Prescriptions are for when a medical professional is telling you that you need something, not so you can get whatever you want from the pharmacy.

In addition to needing a prescription to get your hands on one of these things, you have to go back to your dentist to get it fitted.

I don’t know if you know the going hourly rate for dentists, but if you have to pay it out of pocket, all I can say is ouch! In a situation like this it is very likely that is exactly what would happen. It is very common for insurance providers to refuse to pay for snoring solutions.

Results to Expect

If you would decide to get a Snore Guard for some reason, don’t expect anything miraculous. This is a very plain Jane mouthpiece.

I have no idea why it is available by prescription only. It may work for some people, but it has no significant advantages over similar devices.

Final Decision

The Snore Guard itself is not a terrible device, but there are a lot of pieces that don’t fit together here.

In situations like this it’s better to just hang on to your money and find something you can be confident in. I recommend avoiding this mouthpiece and checking out your other options.