SnoreEzzz Review

Product details:

Type: Anti-Snoring Pillows
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: Yes
Price: $65.00
Money back: No
Company name: First Impressions Productions, LLC
Business address: PO Box 660, New York, NY 10028
BBB accredited: Not accredited
BBB rating (A+ to F):BBB Rating A
Scam complaints: No

The SnoreEzzz is one of the more unique snoring pillows on the market. There are a lot of mixed opinions about it. By the time you’re done reading you’ll know why as well as where I stand on this snoring solution. Let me tell you everything you need to know.

How It Works

All anti-snoring pillows work the same way for the most part. The idea behind them is that by positioning your head, neck, and torso correctly that airway obstructions can be eliminated and as a result snoring is stopped. It’s great in theory but leaves a bit to be desired in the real world.

The SnoreEzzz pillow is a little different from most other anti-snoring pillows though. This pillow is made up of two layers. The first part, which your head never touches directly, is shaped almost like a feeding trough.

If you’ve never seen a feeding trough, picture an inverted plateau. Instead of the middle being high, the middle is low while both sides are higher. This part of the pillow is quite stiff, as it is the part all of the support comes from. The top layer is just like a regular pillow.

The Good

It’s good to see an anti-snoring pillow that is actually almost a normal pillow. I like that this solution is two separate layers, but that also leads to some problems as you’ll see in the next section. That’s the end of the good features.

The Bad

Unfortunately, this anti-snoring pillow is two separate layers. Yes, I just told you this is a good thing. The problem is that the top layer wears much faster than the bottom layer.

In fact, I have even heard of the top layer going flat and becoming relatively useless after just one use. I’m sure this is different for everyone because of differences in weight, sleeping styles, etc., but it still shouldn’t be happening that fast.

Background Info

The official product website has the Better Business Bureau logo, but the company behind this pillow is not BBB accredited. On a more positive note, the makers of this product, First Impressions Productions, have an A rating from the BBB at the time of this writing. The BBB has only received one complaint about this company and the business seems to have responded appropriately.

The official site also says that this pillow is FDA approved. It’s a possibility but I have some reservations about believing that.

Real World Experiences

Besides the top layer going flat in a hurry, I really haven’t heard much else about the SnoreEzzz pillow. It does seem to help some people, but not many. Personally I didn’t notice anything, but that’s just me.


Overall I have to recommend avoiding this pillow. The SnoreEzzz pillow may help some people a bit, but it just doesn’t seem to do enough for enough people.

There are plenty of other snoring solutions out there and many of them are better than this one. My advice is to check out the other reviews here and find the snoring solution that’s right for you.