RipSnore Review

Product details:

Type: Jaw supporting mouthpiece
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $67 (for 2 items)
Money back: Yes, 45 days
Company name: RipSnore LLC
BBB accredited: Not accredited
BBB rating (A+ to F):BBB Rating F
Scam complaints: No

If you want to see something that’s just crazy, you’re in the right place. The RipSnore is a popular anti-snoring device but boy do I have an opinion about it. This isn’t going to be pretty. If you’re ready to find out the truth about this thing then just keep reading.

What It Is

The RipSnore is a jaw retaining mouthpiece. This kind of solution is recommended for jaw snorers. It works by moving your jaw forward and keeping your jaw from becoming an airway obstruction. Sadly, as you are about to find out, this device is a poor representation of jaw retaining mouthpieces.

“Proof”… and the Truth

Okay this is either going to have you on the floor laughing or cussing out your computer screen. The big selling point of this mouthpiece is that the company claims it is 98% effective, as in it works for 98% of people.

I wish they still had the information up that they used to, because they used a little poetic embellishment there. That number came from the amount of people who got a refund.

So, 2% of people managed to wrestle their money back from this company and that turned into a 98% success rate for them. Situations like this are exactly what I want to keep you away from.

Differences for Better or Worse

The material used in this mouthpiece is FDA approved. That’s nothing special. It only comes in one size and it uses the standard boil and bite fitting process.

The designers made this device one solid piece and just left an air hole in the front instead of making it two pieces like more modern mouthpieces.

Typical Experience

Unfortunately the lack of different sizes and any customization beyond the molding process has led to a lot of pretty rough user experiences. The main problems people run into with this mouthpiece are gagging and movement.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a snoring solution that can’t stay in place can’t do its job. Both problems most people have with this device come from the lack of customization features. The sad thing is if the company would just pay attention to the problems their customers are having they could easily improve the device but it doesn’t seem like this will happen anytime soon.

Background and Credibility or Lack Thereof

The company behind RipSnore is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau and that is something I am glad to see. At the time of this writing the BBB has given this company an F rating.

It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on them and some sort of miracle seems to have occurred. Almost every complaint about their problem with giving refunds has simply disappeared from the internet. It’s a bit strange if you ask me. Is it a coincidence? Perhaps it is, but there are more likely explanations.


It looks like somebody has done a bit of housekeeping since the last time I researched this company. I’ll leave it up to you to decide who you want to believe.

All I can say is stay far away from this mouthpiece. There are many better options available.