Nasivent Tube Review

Product details:

Type: Nasal Dilator
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: $24.95
Money back: Yes, 30 days
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The company that makes the Nasivent Tube does a great job of making it sound like you’re getting a great deal.

Can this product really keep you from snoring though? Actually, you may soon be asking if this product can even be used comfortably.

How It’s Supposed To Work

This particular nasal device was made to keep your nostrils open nice and wide while you sleep. That’s generally how all nasal devices work. If you take a look at the product, one thing you may notice is that it is tube shaped.

That doesn’t seem like a big deal at first. Now I don’t know about you, but I don’t know anyone who has nostrils that are the same size from beginning to end.

It’s great that they are big enough to keep your nostrils open, but they only make contact with a very small area because of their non-tapered shape. They are literally a straight tube with no taper whatsoever.

Background Check

The company that makes this device has a pretty clean background. The product is not FDA approved though. The company is also not BBB accredited.

However, no complaints have been filed with the BBB about them. The makers of this snoring solution offer a 30 day money back guarantee. Thirty days is plenty of time to know if a solution is going to work for you or not. Anyone who says otherwise is lying.

You can pick these nose dilators up for just under thirty dollars plus shipping and handling. That makes them a little more expensive than comparable devices, but you get more than one set when you order these.


Like I said in the section above, you get more than one set of dilators when you order these. You will actually receive four sets.

Each set is a different size. Since that is the case you don’t have to worry about doing anything like measuring your nostrils before you order.

The other big difference is that this nasal device is a straight tube. Most other products that do the same thing are tapered so that they fit better. The non-tapered shape causes some issues and that leads us to the next section.

Real World Experiences

Things get a little ugly here. As you can imagine, the straight tube shape of this product causes it to fall out a lot. When I say a lot I mean a lot! I haven’t met somebody yet that could keep these in for a full night.

There are also some complications you may not expect from a device that’s so simple. For example, there are a number of people who have had the inside of their nose cut by the sharp edges of the tube.

Next to the device falling out, that is the biggest complaint on most people’s list. Even if you are lucky enough to use this device without it cutting your nose, it may still cause significant irritation. It is just a very poor design overall. If a device can’t stay in place through the night then it certainly can’t do its job.


I highly recommend avoiding this product. It may seem like a great deal, but only until you try to use it. This solution can’t even stay in place long enough for anybody to see if it works or not.

Save your money for something that will actually work. There are several very high quality solutions that I have reviewed. Check them out and see which one fits you best.