AcuRest Review

Product details:

Type: Acupuncture
Clinical studies: No
FDA cleared: No
Price: 19.99
Money back: Yes, 30 days
Company name: AcuRest
Business address: 8745 Technology Way, Suite C, Reno, NV 89521
BBB accredited: Not Listed
Scam complaints: No

The AcuRest is one of the most unique snoring solutions I have ever seen. What you don’t know yet is whether that is a good or bad thing.

Now, when I say unique I really mean it. By the time you’re done reading here you’ll know if this snoring solution is right for you or anyone else.

The Big Idea

Before I tell you about the theory behind this solution and how it’s supposed to work, I should probably tell you what this product actually is.

This solution is a set of finger wraps that go around the furthest section of your thumb and pointer finger.

So how do finger wraps prevent snoring? Well, this product is supposed to prevent snoring by correcting the flow of Chi in your body. If you aren’t familiar with the term Chi, it is the life force or life energy that all humans have that is often used in traditional Eastern medicine.

There are multiple branches of Eastern medicine that focus exclusively on manipulating Chi to heal the body.

However, the scientific community as a whole cannot agree as to whether Chi exists or not. The debate has been going back and forth for many years and it is not likely that this issue will be settled anytime soon.

Credibility and Background Check

On the official product website it says that clinical trials have been completed for this solution. What they don’t tell you is what the result of the trial was. They say that it was a success, but that leaves a lot open to interpretation.

This product has not been cleared by the FDA, but that’s not a big deal considering the nature of the device. The company behind this product does not have any kind of record with the Better Business Bureau. They haven’t had any complaints filed against them, but they aren’t accredited either.

The makers of this solution do offer some peace of mind in the form of a money back guarantee. If you buy AcuRest you have 30 days to get your money back should you decide that this solution is not right for you.

Other Points

If traditional Eastern medicine is your thing then this solution may be an option for you. These finger wraps are drug-free, latex free, hypo-allergenic, and made in the United States. You do need to be careful with how tight they are though. Making these wraps either too loose or too tight can prevent them from working properly. In addition to that, putting them on too tight can cause you to wake up with little purple sausages for fingers.

What to Expect

I really can’t tell you to expect much from this solution. Those who have tried it don’t have much to say about it either. My experience was pretty unremarkable, so take that for what it’s worth.

Wrap Up

AcuRest finger wraps are kind of a neat idea, but there just isn’t enough evidence to recommend trying them. If the clinical data was released then it might be a different story, but at this time I can’t make a case for this solution.

My recommendation to you is to try a proven snoring solution like a mouthpiece, or whatever kind of solution has been proven to work for your type of snoring.