Anti-Snoring Pillows: Try Sleeping On Your Side First!

stop-snoring-pillowAnti-snoring pillows are something which I typically suggest avoiding.

Ninety-nine percent of the time you can tell which cause of snoring any given solution treats just by looking at it. Nasal items help nostril snorers, chin straps help open mouth snorers, you see what I’m getting at.

With anti-snoring pillows this isn’t the case. Pillows made to prevent snoring claim to do so by simply adjusting your back and neck to the proper positions. It would be excellent if things actually were that easy. Regrettably, they’re not but I’ll clarify why.

The idea anti-snoring pillows rely on is acceptable. The issue is that it targets a problem that almost no one has.

The entire concept behind an anti-snoring pillow is your position during sleep is the main reason that you snore. For many this isn’t the main problem at all.

The Big Idea

These types of pillows need you to sleep on your side for it to work. I’m going to let you in on a little insider knowledge here. Sleeping on your side reduces snoring without any kind of fancy high-tech pillow.

It is quite simple for your jaw to drop into a position that’ll cause you to snore whenever you sleep on your back. That’s just gravity doing its thing. Merely rolling on your side removes that problem in most cases.

If you’ve been thinking about trying an anti-snoring pillow try sleeping on your side first. You might be surprised with the difference it makes.

There aren’t many anti-snoring pillows available at this time. Personally I think that is a good thing. The two most popular ones are quite pricey and neither have good reviews, regardless of where you look. If you take the time to check around, you’ll discover quite a number of issues with any anti-snoring pillow.

Something I’ve seen with almost every pillow like this are complaints about some sort of substance odor. In certain instances this odor is so raunchy that folks don’t even want to be in the same area as the pillow let alone sleep on it. There’s also no method anyone has discovered to eliminate this noxious chemical stench. In my experience I did notice the odor and I could not figure out a way to remove it either.

Expensive Garbage

Another issue can be the cost of these pillows. You can easily invest fifty to one hundred bucks or even more in an anti-snoring pillow. That’s plenty of cash to spend on something that tons of individuals are dissatisfied with. Consider that.

How disappointed do you have to be to publish a lousy review of a product? Personally I need to be really dissatisfied to make a huge deal out of a bad product.

Usually if I don’t get what I was looking for from something I just toss it and forget about it. Honestly I usually don’t even request a refund unless something completely breaks during the warranty period.

A lot of people also talk about developing neck pain from using one of these pillows. I did not try any of them for an extended period of time; I gave them each about two weeks and that was it.

That’s plenty of time to see if something is going to work for you or not. However, in those two weeks I did notice some stiffness in my neck that I have not had before or since.

I realize that there’s nothing I can do to stop you if you’re dead set on purchasing an anti-snoring pillow. I sincerely urge you to choose something else.

Honestly I wouldn’t be surprised to see some kind of anti-snoring pillow hate group starting to form soon. It makes plenty of sense though. An item which doesn’t actually solve the problem it’s designed to help with will not be well received.


So to sum it all up, I truly can’t suggest an anti-snoring pillow to anybody, regardless of your situation or any given pillow you may be considering. Just stay away from these things.

When no less than three out of four individuals are stating these pillows are garbage, there’s definitely truth to it. For those these pillows do benefit, they probably could have gotten the same result by just sleeping on their side with their regular pillow.

If you’re still thinking about this kind of solution, try spooning. It costs less, it’s more fun, and it’s an easy way to stay warm on those freezing winter nights.

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