My Partner Snores Could You Speak Up?

loud-snoringIt’s hard to find something that causes as many problems as snoring. So many people snore that it almost seems normal.

Snoring can ruin your love life, keep you feeling exhausted, or even kill you eventually. Can it ruin your hearing to boot? You’ll find out soon enough.

How Loud Is A Snorer?

Let me put things in perspective for you. Maybe the opinions of those around you are a little exaggerated. Maybe they’re telling the truth. It’s very possible.

Snoring has been recorded that was as loud as 120 decibels. That number doesn’t mean much to a lot of people. However, 120 decibels is about as loud as a gunshot or a jet engine. I’m not making that up.

Usually in an industrial setting ear protection is recommended once the noise goes above 70 decibels. Loud snoring is nearly twice that amount! Like I said, the people that complain about how loud your snoring is might not be exaggerating.

Let’s stick with the gunshot example for a minute. If you had to listen to a gunshot every few seconds for 8 hours nonstop every day of the week, what do you think would happen?

Do you think it could cause some hearing loss?

Yes it could indeed and quickly too. Also, think about how loud a gun would be if one was fired inside your house. It would be even louder than in an outdoor setting because of the walls and ceiling.

Surely everyone in your home would be able to hear a gun being fired. That means they can hear you snoring too.

Hearing Loss

As you can imagine after the gunshot example, this level of noise can cause hearing loss. If you snore and your partner wears earplugs, don’t be offended. They might really need them.

No one should have to live without their sense of hearing. It is vital to so many things in our daily life, even just relaxing with friends or meeting someone new.

The problem is that this isn’t just your problem. If you snore then you could be damaging the hearing of those who sleep with you too. It would be selfish to damage one of someone else’s senses when the danger can be prevented.

If you do not sleep alone then I highly suggest you find a solution for your snoring problem. In fact, this leads me to my next point which you may already know all too well.

Relationship Issues

Some snorers actually cause relationship issues solely because of their snoring. Their snoring keeps their partner up at night or keeps them from getting high quality sleep.

Soon somebody starts to get a little moody from the lack of sleep. It happens to all of us. Next thing you know, that funky mood your partner has been in makes something small turn into a full blown fight that doesn’t even make sense.

Before you know it you’re helping them pack up their things so that they can either sleep in another room or another home. Don’t underestimate the impact that snoring has on your life. This really happens to a lot of couples.

What You Can Do

You have to find some way to keep yourself from snoring. Otherwise things will only get worse. I have many articles and reviews available that I have written to help you.

However, until you find a way to put an end to your snoring for good, don’t be offended by the earplugs your partner wears. In fact, you may want to be the one that offers them.

At least that way they know that you are looking out for them. Who knows, maybe if you explain how you are saving their hearing you might even get an extra pat on the back for the day.

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