Anti-Snoring Nasal Devices: Aftermarket Schnoz Upgrades

Nasal devices that claim to prevent snoring vary widely in size, shape, and price. You’ve probably seen sprays, nasal strips, nostril cones, or even other nasal devices at some point or another.

With the exception of homeopathic sprays, all the solutions just mentioned have something in common. They can only prevent one kind of snoring. If you are a nose snorer then this kind of solution may help you, but if you aren’t, then none of these options will do you any good on an average night.

As you know now, all these products are made for nose snorers. If you don’t know what the main cause of your snoring is then please read the information about snoring tests I have for you.

However, there is more than one problem with this type of snoring solution; we’ll get to that soon enough. You may also want to consider keeping something like this around for cold and flu season, preferably a spray or strips. If you are not a nasal snorer then that is the only other use for this type of product.

Rules of Schnoz Snoring

To begin with, lots of folks who snore due to their nostrils also have other reasons for snoring. In instances like this, these items might help a bit. However, if that is the situation then they will not get the complete relief they are looking for.

Things like nose cones and actual nasal devices are made to prevent the collapse of the nostrils during sleep. People who have this problem are who I’m talking about when I say nasal snorer.

Another reason that someone’s nostrils may cause them to snore is due to allergies, sinus issues, or anything like a cold. All these are more or less things which make you feel congested.

If being congested is causing you to snore then insertable nasal devices may just complicate things. That’s why I recommend sprays or strips for situations like this.

Let’s go over some information about the different types of nasal devices. I’m sure you want to know more about whether a nasal snoring solution can help you or not before making a decision.

New Friends for Your Nose

Nasal Strips

nasal-stripsI’ll begin with nasal strips since I’m sure that you’ve noticed these before. They aren’t advertised as heavily as they used to be, but they are still fairly popular.

I won’t rip on nasal strips too much, because they do work for the right person in the right situation. Just be aware that this is not a miracle product like some advertisements make it out to be.

What these springy adhesive pieces do is hold your nostrils open. That’s okay if your nose is the only reason behind your snoring. This remedy might also help if you happen to have a few other issues along with your nostrils, but they won’t keep you from snoring totally in most cases.

Nose cones

nose-conesNasal cones are exactly what they sound like. They are small hollow cones that you insert into your nostrils. Since you have something inside your nostrils they stay open pretty easily. They act as a sort of internal support to keep air flowing through your nose.

There are two main problems with nasal cones. The first is the material that some of them are made out of. Some of these cones are too hard and that makes them very uncomfortable. Certain ones have even been known to cut people because they came out of the package with ragged edges.

The second problem is that no one has found a good way to keep these things in place. I’m sure you already know that a solution that can’t stay where it needs to be won’t work very well. I don’t know if this is something that will improve in the future or not since nasal cones need to have a slip fit so that they can be put in and taken back out.

Hold Your Horses Partner

Before you make any kind of decision about nasal devices, you should think about a few things.

For one thing, is it just a nostril problem or do you have other factors getting in the way of a good night’s sleep? If you read my post on snoring tests you should have a fairly good idea.

Also, how oily is your skin?

Could you fill an oil lamp with what you wipe off your face on a daily basis?

Greasy skin can be an issue, because all nasal strips rely on staying adhered to your nose to help keep it open.

It may be quite hard to keep them on for even a brief period if you have oily skin. If the strips come off I can guarantee they won’t work. They won’t do you any good lying next to you on your pillow, but it sure would be great if they were magical like that.

If your skin isn’t too oily and your nostrils are the main reason you snore, then nasal strips may be a great solution for you. Consider yourself blessed if you meet that description. Many folks can’t get away with using something so easy and affordable.

One additional thing to think about is how sensitive your skin is. On occasion the adhesive on particular products may trigger skin discomfort or take some skin off your nose.

If you have delicate skin this may result in break-outs or acne on your nose right where the strip was. Allergic reactions to the adhesives are possible, but they’re not dangerous and very rare.

I’ve concentrated largely on nasal strips because they’re probably the most used in this class of solutions. Nasal cones are a close 2nd and the rest of this category is made up of more unique and less useful devices.

Final Word

Remember, the only thing worse than swallowing your nasal cones is your partner swallowing one of them and then you have to decide if you want to tell them what really just went in their mouth.

However, nostril cones or nasal strips could work for you. It’s your decision to determine whether a nasal apparatus is right for you. There are plenty of other options available, so if you decide to go with something else it’s no skin off my nose.

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