The Most Flexible Snoring Solution of All…

yogaSince you probably already know that exercise is a great snoring solution, it should come as no surprise to you that yoga is also an excellent option.

Yoga is a good choice for just about everyone.

You don’t have to be in great shape to get started and whether you’re young, old, or in between you can find something that fits your needs. It is also a very calming activity, but let me tell you more about using yoga as a snoring solution.

The Magic Explained

First of all, I do want to mention that yoga can lead to weight loss. It may not be as dramatic as a full-blown cardio and diet routine, but it does happen. So, I’m sure you already know that flexibility is one of the big ideas present in yoga but flexibility alone won’t do much to keep you from snoring. How does yoga help to reduce and prevent snoring then? I’m glad you asked!

Hold It Right There…

Yes, right there, that’s perfect. Okay now go ahead and relax as you keep reading. Two of the other major concepts of yoga, muscle control and controlled breathing are what make it an excellent snoring solution.

Since snoring is a result of airway constriction and airway constriction is often a result of loose muscles somewhere, this makes perfect sense. Doing yoga helps to tighten and strengthen your muscles gently, there’s no risk of becoming a muscle bound behemoth here.

The controlled breathing in yoga also works to directly strengthen the muscles that support your airway. You may not be able to curl a dumbbell with those muscles or twist them into a pretzel, but this is a great way to work them.

From A Financial Standpoint

Yoga is one hobby that is still pretty reasonable in most areas. If you go to classes with an instructor then the price can vary depending on where you live. As a rule of thumb, most classes should be right around $10.

However, don’t be surprised if you find some that are closer to $20 per session. It all depends on where you are, who the instructor is, what kind of yoga you’re doing, etc. At any rate, it’s a lot cheaper than many other hobbies.

If going to your local fitness center to do yoga isn’t really your thing, you could always practice in the privacy of your own home. To do yoga at home all you really need is a yoga mat, some clothes that don’t restrict your movement, and an instructional DVD.

In fact, there are even some TV channels that now have yoga programs. Either way, one advantage of going this route is that you have access to some incredible yoga instructors. There’s a reason they have their own DVDs and TV shows.

Something to Remember

There are two particular things I want you to remember. I am not a yoga instructor or even anything close, so I won’t try to explain them here. However, two of the most helpful things in yoga to reduce snoring are the hissing breath and the roaring lion pose. These two things can really go a long way towards helping you get a more restful night’s sleep.

Wrap Up

Yoga is by far one of the best snoring solutions available. It makes a great compliment to an anti-snoring device. Yoga is low cost, easy to start, fun, and relaxing. There aren’t many other solutions for problems that you can say that about.

Whether you decide to try yoga in your home or in a local class, just give it a try. I bet you’ll feel great afterwards.

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