Anti-Snoring Sprays and Pills: Sniff Or Swallow, It’s Up To You

pills-spraysOne of the most hit or miss kinds of snoring solutions are natural remedies, mainly sprays and pills. You will find lots of items within this class too so I’ve tried my best to cover the most common ones you may see.

Several products promise to help keep you from snoring completely but that’s nowhere near the reality. That being said, it’s important to remember these items are effective in the appropriate scenario.

It just depends on why you snore. Should you want a temporary fix for a small snoring issue a tablet or spray could be just the thing for you if your situation is right. You’ll know when to reach for these solutions by the time you’re done reading here.

Up Your Nose It Goes

Let’s begin with anti-snoring sprays. Most sprays that promise they’ll keep you from snoring are natural. That’s a definite plus. We already have plenty of chemicals in our food and our medicine cabinets.

The big issue with this kind of solution is they often revolve around clearing your sinuses or reducing inflammation. There is nothing wrong with that but when you’ve got a snoring issue odds are that neither your sinuses nor inflammation are creating it.

Yes, sinus congestion and inflammation may cause short lived snoring issues. However, the possibility of having a long-term snoring issue from one of these causes is fairly small.

Personally I’ve never heard of such a thing, but I’m sure it’s possible. The same holds true for snoring caused by allergies.

The big allergy that causes snoring for some people is seasonal, like many other allergies. That could be why you’re snoring, but nevertheless, it shouldn’t hang in there forever.

When you have cold, excess mucus, or nasal problems these homeopathic sprays may benefit you.

Down The Hatch

Additionally, there are some all-natural pills that promise they can reduce snoring. Although some of them claim to be backed by research and results,

I’ve never taken one that worked for me. That may be because they attempt to handle exactly the same issue that homeopathic sprays do. All of the pills

I have come across have some unique combination of herbs and supplements inside them. In some cases the exact amount of each ingredient is not actually given.

These combinations of all-natural ingredients are meant to lessen the amount of mucus your body creates, reduce inflammation, or both. Again, this is okay but the chances of it completely resolving your snoring problem are very low.

Depending on your particular scenario they may do nothing whatsoever. There are times to utilize this type of solution to reduce snoring though, so they aren’t entirely worthless. I don’t have a problem with this kind of solution, but the times when they can be used effectively are pretty limited.

No No’s and Do Do’s

This could be a great method for you to use if you have a cold, allergies, or nasal issues that are making you snore. If any of these three issues is the culprit then all the normal anti-snoring choices won’t do much for you.

Most typical snoring solutions can actually make it more difficult for you to breathe in a situation like this.

Just imagine trying to breathe with a stuffy nose and a mouthpiece that feels like an athletic mouth guard. It’s a terrible feeling and yes, I’m speaking from experience.

You can get fair results using a tablet or spray if your snoring issue is being caused by mucus, illness, or allergies. Sometimes they can give you the relief you need to get some quality sleep and recover faster.

Moral of The Story

I actually wish that there was a wonder tablet or spray that did magically prevent snoring for everyone like all of these products claim. Whether that’s even possible or not I have my doubts, but these products continue to sell because they are convenient.

To wrap things up some homeopathic pills and sprays do help with snoring. The big problem is the cause of snoring they treat. People who have long term snoring issues frequently discover the reason for the snoring isn’t associated with anything these solutions can treat. If you are sick or have some allergy problems though, you might want to pick up a spray or some pills to help you sleep until you can use an anti-snoring device again.

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